As your dragon gains experience, strength and ability, he requires more Rage to fuel his powers, and more time to rest afterwards. While resting, he cannot be called back into battle, and after launching his most powerful attacks he may need to rest for five rounds or more.

Over the course of the game, your pet dragon receives experience in battle, ultimately allowing him to master nine different abilities:

All of the dragon's abilities

Crushing blow. Your dragon attacks the enemy troop, causing them injury, and pushing them back one or more cells.

This skill is an excellent way to build experience for your dragon.

Treasure Search. Your dragon uses its talons to dig up a cell. You can direct him to excavate such targets as a chest of gold or even a hornet's nest; other possibilities include a dwarven mine (can be struck to explode and damage surrounding troops) or a volcano (erupts periodically and damages those around).

Mystic Egg. Your dragon spreads eggs across the battlefield. If an egg remains unbroken over the course of its hatching, a troop of allied creatures will emerge – anything from Lake Dragonflies to Black Dragons.

Mana Accelerator. Your dragon spreads chargers across the battlefield, which replenish the hero’s mana. Any unit that recovers one receives additional action points.

Ball of Lightning. Your dragon creates a lightning ball, which can move across the field. It delivers a damaging electrical discharge to any nearby enemy troops. This damage is the only skill which injures enemies in proportion to their health, so that it automatically scales as foes get tougher.

Stone Wall. Your dragon builds a stone wall across three cells, which when strategically placed, can protect friendly troops from the rapid approach of enemies. Unfortunately, the wall is weak, and all parts of the wall will be destroyed if a foe attacks any part of it.

Dragon Dive. Your dragon rockets skyward, then hurtles down, dive-bombing the selected cell. This causes blast damage to enemies near the point of impact, and pushes them back one cell.

Fiery Phantoms. Your dragon unleashes its fury, calling up fiery phantoms which spread their wrath across nineteen battlefield cells. This skill will damage your troops as well.

Lava Call. Your dragon cries out to the ancient earth elements, summoning their powers to blast enemy units with pillars of lava.