Skills and abilitiesEdit

You can spend Talent Runes to learn new skills. or improve existing ones.

There are three groups of skills: Might, Mind and Magic, with a corresponding Rune of Talent for each. In each group there are 13 skills, plus an additional skill that is unique for your chosen character class. Each class excels in a particular skill. For example, the Paladin quickly develops skills of the Mind. She receives more runes in this group, and possesses an additional Mind skill known as "Resurrection," which the other characters do not have. Thus in the game, there are 39 different skills plus three class-specific skills, for a total of 42.

Each skill is linked to all of the other skills within the same group, forming a skill tree. Each advanced skill branches out from another, more basic skill. Consequently, it is not sufficient to simply possess the required Talent Runes to invest in a particular skill, but you must also have already acquired any prerequisite skills. For example, Transmutation becomes available for study only after your character takes at least 1 level of Order magic and 1 level of Distortion magic. So, when you choose a new skill to learn, you do not simply open it for use, but also determine the future development options for your character.

Skill tree

A Mage's Skill Tree , Maxed