Master mages categorize the branches of the magical arts into over fifty distinct schools and areas, ranging from necromancy to quackery. But for the sake of convenience, the Lorak-Illiorana classification system, developed a century ago, divides
all the known spells into three major schools of magic: Order , Distortion and Chaos.

Spells are grouped into these three schools according to their fundamental laws of action and their source of power. Outside this system there is an enigmatic fourth class: the magic of the mysterious Wanderers , aptly named Wanderer Magic.

MagicorderOrder MagicEdit

This school encompasses spells affecting the flow of life energy, magic of divine origin and of creation. These include healing, protective spells, and spells which enhance the abilities of your units, as well as a powerful arsenal of sacred combat spells which are invaluable on the battlefield. Such spells are particularly prized by those seeking to keep their troops in prime condition and ready for the next battle.

MagicdistortionDistortion MagicEdit

From ancient times this school drew more from craft than magic, and even today the spells of Distortion are often aimed at altering the physical properties of material objects: increasing the power of one’s blades, or destroying the armor of one’s enemies. These spells of material transformation have developed well beyond their origins, now encompassing a new branch of psychic transformation which can bend the perceptions of living creatures. Hypnosis and illusion, haste and slowness – these magical distortions are the typical arts of the street magician, and offer a powerful addition to the spell book of the skilled illusionist.

MagicchaosChaos MagicEdit

Chaos Magic encompasses destructive spells, those which control the primeval elements, and those which damn the living. The majority of these spells involve corruption, destruction, and degradation, the weakening of all material things and banishing the natural joy of life. Upon further consideration, the spells related to necromancy and demonology, which are likewise rooted in the dark nether-regions of chaos, were also incorporated into this School. They draw power from chaos, and gain strength by feeding upon the taboo and the forbidden.

Magic4Wanderer MagicEdit

Spells of the Wanderer school stand alone. In fact, this school of magic is not even officially recognised; but secret, underground sources tell of a special category of spells, known as Wanderer spells – named after a race of powerful magicians who disappeared many thousands of years ago.