A warrior is first and foremost an experienced leader. The warrior’s strength lies in her ability to lead a huge army, and command troops effectively. From the beginning, the warrior

KB princess warrior

receives the skill “Rage Control,” along with enhanced combat skills. The warrior advances quickly in Might skills, and her leadership capacity increases rapidly as well.

Consequently, the warrior is capable of developing a substantial army during the early stages of the game. The warrior is also unique in possessing the special skill “Bloodthirsty”.

Only the warrior can simultaneously wear both armor and a dress. She also has an additional slot for carrying a coat of arms.

Being heavily restricted in the study and use of magic, a warrior’s strength is shown in her unique ability to channel battlefield rage. Feeding on this battle rage, the warrior’s petdragon provides invaluable combat support.


When levelling up , warriors get the most might runes , with mind runes coming second , and magic runes last . They also receive the most Leadership per level out of the three classes .

Might Rune gain : Between ? and ? per level

Mind Rune gain : Between ? and ? per level

Magic Rune gain : Between ? and ? per level

Leadership gain : 20*Level each level

Special Skill: BloodthirstyEdit

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