Mages prefer wisdom and knowledge over brute force. They cannot command huge armies, nor claim tactical mastery to enhance their troops.

Mages are, however, skilled in magically
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strengthening their soldiers and undermining their enemies, and are able to bring forth the destructive power of the elements, and even raise their fallen warriors.Thus, a sorcerer with but a small force is often capable of overwhelming an enormous enemy army.

Only mages can perfect the highest of magical arts; they alone can develop and refine their skills in “Magic” to receive an extra skill: “Higher Magic.” In addition, the study and use of spells is less costly for them than for the other classes.

Specializing in magical objects, mages may choose to equip themselves with additional artifacts in their shield and regalia slots.


When levelling up , warriors get the most might runes , with mind runes coming second , and magic runes last . They also receive the most Leadership per level out of the three classes .

Might Rune gain : Between 1 and 3 per level

Mind Rune gain : Between ? and ? per level

Magic Rune gain : Between ? and ? per level

Leadership gain : 10*Level each level

Special Skill: Higher MagicEdit

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