Magic4Wanderer MagicEdit

Spells of the Wanderer school stand alone. In fact, this school of magic is not even officially recognised; but secret, underground sources tell of a special category of spells, known as Wanderer spells – named after a race of powerful magicians who disappeared many thousands of years ago.

The scant knowledge of Wanderer magic still in circulation comes from the scrolls of Wanderer mages recovered from the Wanderer’s Tower – the only known archaeological remains of this mysterious race. Legend often speaks of the Wanderers as powerful magicians, and today’s historians and scientists who research their mythic prowess believe that they came from beyond the known universe. Indeed, it appears that the Wanderers were, in fact, aliens from a distant world, on a mission to explore new worlds in search of rare treasures and devices. Moreover, it is probable that many of the things that have been found in the stores of Wanderers were, most likely, brought from other worlds.

Even today, the best magicians are still unable to decipher the secrets of Wanderer magic, and are at best able merely to copy spells from their scrolls. All knowledge of their powerful magical legacy derives from single, incredibly rare and precious copies of their scrolls. The ability to master or modify any of these spells is beyond the grasp of even the most powerful magicians. This adds further evidence of their otherworldly origin, for indeed Wanderer magic seems to transcend the very Laws of magic, at least as we know them.

Wanderer spells cannot be learned , they can only be cast from scrolls found (or sometimes bought) in the world . The spells don't last turns in a battle , instead they give the hero large bonuses for a number of fights , or summon troops in the hero's army , etc.

Wanderer Spells
Scroll Name Effect Duration
Titan's Armor Gives The Princess +10 Defense 2 Fights
Depth Of Thought Gives The Princess +10 Intellect 2 Fights
Titan's Sword Gives The Princess +10 Attack 2 Figths
Fortune's Smile Gives The Princess' Troops +15% Crit Chance 3 Fights
Magical Flow Gives The Princess +30 Max Mana 2 Fights
Mad Rage Gives The Princess +30 Max Rage 2 Fights
Ancient Knowledge Gives The Princess +50% Extra Experience in battle 5 Fights
Call of Collossus Gives The Princess level 5 troops based on her Leadership NA
Call of the Dead Gives The Princess undead troops based on her Leadership NA
Song of the Wind Gives The Princess flying troops based on her Leadership NA